BA Thesis // Et lite stykke Arktis


BA Thesis - et lite stykke arktis

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Et lite stykke arktis // a small piece of the arctic

Et lite stykke Arktis is a visual concept for a game to teach you about climate change and how it affects the polar bear. It gives you, the player, the opportunity to adopt and care for polar bears and understand their struggles as their world is literally melting.

Think of it like a variation of the poplar simulation game The Sims, but with polar bears.

Part of the concept was to infiltrate our reality within the game, so that your actions in real life could affect the environment for your polar bears in-game. Much as it does in real life. This connection of our actions in our daily life, and how it affects the polar bears is an important fact to face, and this game aims to teach you that. How it works is that you can choose to scan different objects for gaining (or losing) points in the game. These points are needed for expanding your area, adding modules and adding more polar bears. The whole point is to encourage environmental friendly behavior, so if you scan your train ticket for example; you gain points. If you scan your plain ticket; you lose points. In addition to points these scanned items would also affect the environment in-game. Doing environmentally friendly things would better the environment, doing the opposite would cause more ice melt, higher sea levels etc.

If you wish to know more the written part of the exam can be found here. (Alas, it only exists in Norwegian).


Create your polar bear


Build your little piece of the Arctic


Keep tabs on your polar bear(s) needs and whereabouts, and buy upgrades with the points you earn. The menu on the right from the top: expand area, add modules (build), add polar bear, scan.


Images from the BA Exhibiton. Click on image to enlarge. Photos: Irene Alterskjær.

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